Bloggers running a business, know it is imperative you bring in customers who will make purchases.  Otherwise, how would you ever turn a profit?  The same holds true for website businesses.  You’re not going to be in business for long if people aren’t purchasing from your site.  That’s why businesses invest in marketing to help expose their company and product and attract new customers.

Sometimes, part of that marketing budget might actually include the purchase of actual site visitors themselves. Businesses are hoping just getting customers there once will be enough to get them to make a purchase and to boost their search engine ranking for more exposure.  Some business owners are afraid to make this leap though because they are unsure as to whether or not buying traffic will be a profitable investment or just another cost to add to their budget.

So today we are going to discuss Should Bloggers Buy SEO Services?


First of all, there are many different ways to traffic is important to bloggers.  You may invest in an actual visitor package which will give you so many unique visitors for one price.  On the other hand, you may decide to put up ads on other websites and in search engines.  In this case, you will likely pay-per-click.  Another way to direct traffic to your site is through sponsored searches.  These are highlighted and are at the top of the or the search results.

For these, you may pay an initial fee.   Make sure the traffic you buy is bringing you 100% unique visitors with low bounce rates.  You will real people who are actually spending time on your site and increase the likelihood that they’ll make purchases.


Once you decide which kind of traffic you want to buy, it’s time to compare some prices.  Of course, you may decide to go with a combination of traffic directing deals.  This means, in order to calculate the cost, you’ll need to add up all of them together.  When it comes to pay-per-click, prices can vary greatly.  It all depends on where your ad or link is placed.

For example, an ad on a high traffic website is going to cost you a lot more than one on a smaller site.  Also, when you pay for those top sponsored search spots, you do tend to pay a high price.

On average though, most pay-per-click ads cost about one dollar per click.  You will get a much better return on your investment if you pay a dollar or more.

Once you make your purchase, it should boost traffic for websites you’ve linked to.  This is the first step in determining whether or not your purchase was worth it.  The first step is getting people to your site.  Going from 50 or 60 hits a day to hundreds or thousands has huge potential for a business.  The idea is to get people to notice your website and to be interested in the offers you have made.


According to Google Adwords, their click-through rate averages at only .4%.  That is only 4 actual clicks per $1000 spent and not all of them will turn into customers.  While getting traffic to your site may not result in income directly, just like marketing, it is still very worth it.  This is because of the potential it has to make you money indirectly. Those indirect profits could come your way in the form of purchases or through ad revenue.  It all depends on how you have your site set up.

The best way to see a return on your traffic investment is in the form of profits.  When people who have clicked to your site go from visitors to customers, they are called conversions.  Look for websites that have both high click-through rates and a high amount of conversions before you place your ad.  When purchasing actual visitors directly through a traffic company, you will want to take a look at their conversion numbers as well.

After a week, you should start seeing results of your traffic investment.  Using a number of purchases made by the new traffic you get, you can calculate your profits, subtracting any costs you incurred.  It’s a good idea to monitor traffic and purchases to get an idea of your weekly profits.  This will help you determine whether or not buying traffic was and will continue to be worth it.  After a month, revisit the numbers and decide on your next course of action.

If you have spaces for advertising on your website, you can increase your profits by allowing other websites to put pay-per-click ads on your site as you have on others.  Then, not only might the visitors who come to your site purchase your products, but they could also click on some of the ads and make you even more money.   After all, once you pay for that traffic increase, you’ll be able to show potential ad places that you get enough traffic to your site to be a good investment.  If you have room for enough ads, once you really build traffic, you may be able to offset the cost of your traffic by charging for theirs.

In order to avoid scams when it comes to pay-per-click ads though, it’s a good idea to charge a conversion fee on top of the click fee.  This way, you can low ball the click fee to get advertisers to your site, but then charge them extra for each click that makes a purchase on their site.  This recent change in pay-per-click has come about because of manipulative people making invalid clicks on ads in order to boost ad revenue with fake visitors.  This could cause your site to be banned by Google.


As the chart illustrates, when you combine your customer purchase profits with your ad revenue and subtract your web traffic costs, you get your final value.  Only then can you determine whether or not it was actually worth it.  If you don’t like the profit margin you see, you could always adjust the package you’re investing in and even raise your own ad prices.  Once you see that profit rise steadily, you know you’re on the right track and that it was indeed worth it to buy traffic for your website.

What do you think?  Should Bloggers Buy SEO Services?