Working from home jobs can be a persons’ dream– if they’re real.  You may stumble upon a job that might seem too good to be true.  Unfortunately, work-from-home jobs area unit typically simply massive scams. 


Amway (American Way) is a structure selling company.  It was established in 1959 by Richard DE Vos and Ray Van Andel out of ADA, Michigan.  This company has adult since then and hasn’t stopped.  However, will a corporation be thus powerful?

Amway is famous for charming people with guarantees of fast amounts of income.   Just keep getting other to join your team.  On the surface, it’s fairly credible, particularly after you scrutinize what quantity cash Amway rakes in each year.  In 2014 Amway sold $10.8 billion value of the merchandise. Why shouldn’t you be trying to interrupt off a chunk of that action?

The Trick

Because it’s just about a scam and a creepy one at that. They label their company as associate MLM (Multi-level marketing) to avoid conflict. I’ve had friends WHO got committed to the Amway scheme, and he’s here to shed some lightweight on the ugly — and downright weird — truth:

Amway members are called distributors.  They bring people in with a $250 seminar  You are told nothing about a $40 package of tapes and books to purchase.  What’s the system? The system could be a series of seminars, recordings, and books that claim to be a secured path to master acquirement. They give pointers on the sole path to success.  However, you aren’t creating cash.  Instead, you’re not “working the program” properly.  Any success is due strictly to their teachings, any failure is because of you not following them onerous enough.  Sound familiar?

“The 2 years I used to be purportedly building my Amway business, I lost nearly $10,000 on tapes, seminars, books, gas, and travel expenses for distant seminars. My earnings? under $500 total. Since I used to be at leisure — and just about unemployable for any nonburger-flipping job — those $10,000 came solely from my grandparent, WHO was additionally my biggest (and only) Amway client, shopping for high-ticket, ‘concentrated’ Amway merchandise she didn’t would like, monthly to support Pine Tree State.”

(Former Amway distributor)


Amway doesn’t create its cash merchandising the random social unit product the distributors’ area unit handing out — they create cash merchandising a dream. Then once you’ve committed yourself and forked over serious money — and convinced friends and family to try to identical — however, are you able to leave? At this time, you’ve got an excessive amount of endowed to not see it through.

Only the highest members are making vast amounts of income.

When a corporation like Amway will provide you with numbers, it’s ne’er what you’ll expect as a regular payment. Instead, they pitch you one thing like this…

Amway doesn’t really pay “employees.” Members teach a harassment technique for everybody in your life to affix Amway in one capability or the opposite.  In Amway’s eyes, your friends and family area unit all potential money cows you must be milking — you’re trained to travel when the individuals nearest to you initially.


So there’s the alienation of friends and family WHO aren’t within the cluster, that is just about the ultimate ingredient within the commonplace cult cocktail.

So, yeah, not precisely what you’re expecting after you click a banner ad, hoping to perhaps create some cash on the aspect merchandising vitamins and skin cream.


The Le-Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam is AN MLM network marketing company supported by mythical being Camper and Paul Gravette. It’s simply a constant recent issue in one more neat package. simply another supplement company that guarantees you’ll feel higher when eight weeks of taking their supplements and mistreatment their patches.

The Trick

I think you are setting out to get wherever I’m going. Basically, this company Le-Vel Thrive has done nothing new and desires to sign you up for the oldest trick in the book.

The Ol MLM/pyramid is where they force members to get in sub-par products monthly on auto ship and they need to sell it or begin recruiting others to buy in monthly auto-ships.

The reason one more health supplement MLM is functioning is that the plan that this product is sell-able to friends and family and other people believe the publicity. As long as they pass the buck to you, they’re off the hook as you’ve got to shop for in your own inventory each month.  Not solely that however most of the product that the recruiter’s supply, they need to convey away for free. Le-vel reps ought to also give folks trials and drive around and have sales material with them. thus when someone gets bound up during this too deep, they’re ne’er got to tell you something dangerous concerning the program or product.

They create outrageous claims and guarantees however there’s a great deal of fine print. solely the those that quit can figure it all out. If you quit which means folks will simply say that it didn’t work as a result of you didn’t strive exhausting enough.   All they need to try to is then tell you that you’re not operating exhausting enough if you don’t succeed.

You want to forever keep in mind if you be a part of any MLM you’re connexion a Ponzi theme however the sole distinction is that MLM’s add in an “average quality plane Jane product” to sell. This makes it a hundred legal, not sensible however legal.

The Scam

So like all of those MLM firms that appear all over, they’re all constant. All of them simply sell an average product, place them in an exceedingly fancy box and mark them warranted, then brainwash folks to encourage others to sell constant crap.  If you’ve got gotten bound up in one amongst these systems, don’t worry almost everyone has. the most issue is how briskly you’ll stop believing in it and not let it take over.

So these pills and shakes and patches all break down into essentially being expensive vitamins in an exceedingly pretty package. They don’t make a case for anyplace what they contain and why they’ll work, they simply claim that it’ll get you to turn and management your appetence and keep lean muscle.  I will not mention all the product they need to supply, however, most aren’t government agency approved and that they are reportable dangerous. the matter is that they need already sufficiently brainwashed you on however nice the merchandise is and by the time you purchase all of your inventory, I’m assumptive your brain can try and compose some placebo effects. The other followers will claim it works simply because they need to form they are a refund, thus they’re a hundred fine with lying.

I am not getting to even cowl the compensation plans of the Le-Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam as they extremely don’t matter. All of them have their ups and downs and once it’s all aforementioned and done, none of those programs area unit value moving into.

They will not solely slowly con you out of your cash, just like the interest on a MasterCard however conjointly steal a great deal of some time and force you to try to things that you just would ne’er do commonly, to form those sales.

If you are inquisitive about the Le-Vel Thrive Scam compensation set up, then you’ll notice it on their website, however, the most thing you need to grasp is, could you see yourself marketing countless this product and to whom?


If you’ve got folks to sell to perhaps a program like this is for you however if you can’t, you’ll be just like the majority of individuals UN agency fail and lose cash with these varieties of scams.


Update:  I was contacted by an employee from one of these companies.  The person claimed that it was not a scam.  I asked if they would allow me to interview them to prove it was legit.  They wanted to do the interview to point out the false statements in my article.  I have never heard back from them since. – Administrator