Bloggers love to write and want to keep doing it. It is important for writers to research new SEO techniques, whether they do it themselves or purchase services.   If you’re considering purchasing SEO services, this article will help in choosing an experienced company who will drive traffic to your business in an honest and professional manner.

Professional SEO campaigns provide high-quality traffic

It’s not just a numbers game.  It’s important to remember that if the visitors to your site are poorly targeted, they may as well not even show up in your Google Analytics reports.

Bringing in a ton of traffic is all well and good.  But you need those visitors to be at least passably interested in your product or service for it to be worth the energy you spent getting their attention.

An experienced SEO team will always do their due effort when determining who a given client’s customers are.  What they like, where they hang out, etc.  It’s kind of like stalking if you think about it.

Greenhorns can read articles and get up to speed in a reasonable amount of time, but as with any competitive endeavor, the more experienced participant (the SEO firm) will most likely out-perform the amateur.

Outsourcing SEO allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they know (building businesses)

If you’re like me, you would rather do what you love in your business and not worry about focusing on the marketing aspect.  SEO is just like buying advertising.

Consider that you’re most likely paying a team to manage something you were previously doing completely yourself and I found it be exhausting.  Further, as mentioned above, they will have more expertise and access to better tools (and if they don’t, you’ve hired the wrong people).

Most entrepreneurs get into the business because they have a passion. A passion for an idea they have.  Or a passion for helping people.

Few follow their dreams and become their own bosses because they just really wanted to get their hands dirty doing some old-fashioned link building and HTML clean-up.

Saving money is important for any bootstrapping small business.  But at a point, the time and energy lost due to the opportunity cost of spending all day learning and practicing SEO becomes more expensive than it would have been to buy affordable SEO services for small business in the first place.

Mistakes will cost you dearly

I’m not one for fear-mongering, but I’m obligated, to be honest here.

If you’re careless with your SEO it can seriously cost you down the line, if you don’t do your research when choosing a reputable company for SEO services.  Some companies make promises to deliver but use false techniques.

Maybe throw in some fake testimonials here and there?  It’s easy enough to self-justify.  After all, it can be surprisingly tough to track down even the most loyal customers and get them to spend 15 minutes writing you a precious 5-star review.

Problem is, all of these are considered black-hat SEO techniques, and they have consequences.  You might get penalized for either of those activities alone, but it’s also like a gateway drug.  Each time you cut a corner and “get away with it”, you’ll be more likely to do it again.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye though.

Experienced SEO professionals know that a Google penalty is nothing to mockery at and they’ll follow all kinds of established best-practices to ensure the big G doesn’t get their pants in a twist.

It’s not something you want to experience!

SEO is a marathon, not a task you can “complete”

Small business owners love checklists.  I know I do.

There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing you’ve teed up a number of prioritized tasks and then crushed each and every one of them.

Problem is, entrepreneurs have a huge number of responsibilities.  Literally an endless stream of to-do lists.

Being able to move on from a type of task is a critical component to staying sane when you’re a founder.  Sadly, search engine optimization just isn’t one of those tasks.

Don’t get me wrong, you can build an SEO checklist and hammer away at the individual tasks.  In fact, if you are going to go it alone I’d highly recommend you use this approach to make sure you stay on top of everything.

But once all the boxes are ticked off you’re going to immediately have to build a new one.

It’s an always-on type of deal.  If you want your business to occupy that top spot, you’re always going to be monitoring. Always iterating and improving.  Always checking up on your competitors.

It can be quite exhausting and is pretty much a full-time job.  I learned that the hard way and was getting nowhere doing it myself.

So my best advice is to leave it to a professional SEO services team.  That way, you won’t have to spend countless hours worrying, studying and trying to improve your results.

Instead, find a team with a track record of success, and let them take the reins.


I personally found it near impossible to run my business and market it at the same time.  After research and constant monitoring of my site, I found it took most of my day away doing what I love to do.  I chose to purchase SEO services through my own company to drive quality traffic towards my site.  I let my experienced team do the rest so could run my blog and business efficiently.  So far, I am happy with my decision.