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Our company of professionals specializes in providing SEO locally, to all types of websites serving East Tennessee. In fact, we have 10 years of experience in online advertising. Therefore, we are the best company for providing On-Page & Off-Page SEO. We value our clients’ success by focusing on their goals, as well as building loyalty.

We consult with you on a personal level to create a unique marketing plan that fits the needs of your business. In summary, we research your competitors, analyze keywords, & influence people who are interested in your services or products. Generally, we execute your market plan where it can produce the kind of traffic that will increase your online presence. As a result, you will start getting visitors within a few days to convert to paying customers.

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Online Marketing for East Tennessee

SocialPoint24 was established in January 2017, at my home in Mohawk Tennessee. However, the company itself has expanded into Greeneville, Tennessee. For the most part, my vision was to establish a local full-service online marketing agency to help businesses gain an online presence as well as, increasing sales for local businesses of East Tennessee.

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It Starts With A Great Plan

 Our main focus is our clients’ success.
Also, consider us a part of your business.  Usually, this gives us an advantage in delivering highly effective online marketing.  Lastly, this company is built on helping each client meet their unique goals for success. 



Firstly, our focus is on building clear actions plans, by using optimization & measurement.  Above all, we learn about your customers & listen to your ideas.  As a result, we can increase your overall budget & improve efficiency for your online business.



Generally, our campaigns are designed with imagination & inspiration.  Not only, do we create stunning layouts, but we also focus on attention to detail with your business in mind.  Finally, this will engage your visitors, who will convert to customers.



Overall, coming up with a good promotional campaign plan is key when it comes to product & brand marketing. Therefore, your campaign will be based on your brand, analytics, & data. Finally, we implement your campaign using our professional techniques to engage your audience & to bring full awareness to your business.

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So, have you wondered about online marketing & how it can improve your product awareness?  We would be honored to work with you & help your business grow, so let’s get started!

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Professional Local Website Hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE in East Tennessee

Initially intended for SEO, further, I discovered the need for reliable website hosting specifically in my area.  Now that the internet has taken over much of the world, it is important for businesses to have an online marketing strategy as well as an online presence.  


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Bring awareness to your business with an online presence.  Hence, we can help you do just that.


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